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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • UPS System Design

    Correct UPS system design is paramount to ensure that the power continuity requirements for your critical equipment are met by the selected UPS system. Failure to match the solution to the requirements will either mean an unacceptable level of business critical outages due to power events, or alternatively excessive expenditure on high cost solutions which are not required.


    UPS system design requires a number of critical factors to be taken into account right throughout the process. These include present and future capacity requirements, system reliability/redundancy, power distribution, position location, safety, battery type, etc.


    A well designed and maintained UPS system ensures a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution for powering your critical equipment. Conversely, errors and oversights during the design and implementation stages can lead to costly and ineffective project outcomes.

  • Supply of UPS Equipment

    As an independent UPS specialist we have investigated the market to find the best technical and commercial solutions across various technologies and configurations. We offer the full range of UPS equipment from these vendors from 350VA desktop units to +400kVA systems for large datacentre applications in both tower, rack, single and modular solutions.


    Batteries play an important part of any UPS and again we have the ability to source various options and containment solutions.


    Once your specific site needs have been discussed we submit a proposal covering various options and configurations for your consideration. Equipment is typically specified in terms of 'Best Cost', and 'Best Performance' options. This enables you to make a commercial decision based on the level of protection you require and the associated costs.

  • UPS Service & UPS Repair - Fast and Efficient

    Our knowledgeable UPS service team offers, fast and efficient levels of UPS service, you can rely on EPS to provide you with:

    • Free evaluation and quotations for UPS repair or UPS service

    • Telephone technical support

    • 24x7 nationwide service

    • Service, installation and commissioning

    • Battery replacement options

    • UPS preventive maintenance

    • Loan/rental UPS units while your UPS repair is being completed subject to availability

  • Service & Maintenance Agreements for UPS Equipment

    Enhanced Power Services Ltd offer a full range of flexible Service & Maintenance Agreements for all brands of UPS equipment to suit your specific requirements. The benefits of a Service and Maintenance Agreement for your equipment are:

     • High availability of your critical applications and processes

     • 24/7 telephone and onsite technical support

     • Preventive maintenance visits to reduce the risk of unscheduled outages

     • Fixed annual service and maintenance costs so you don’t have any costly surprises

     • Remote monitoring facility

     • Managing your consumable and battery life cycles so you can budget for replacements

Replacement Battery & Options

Business Case

Contracted delivery of Uninterrupted Power is crucial for organisations for the following 5 main reasons:






Business Availability:

Reliable, well-maintained UPS infrastructure prevents critical services such as health, security, financial, logistics and communications from being interrupted by power supply disruptions. The lack of pro-active management of UPS devices and no rapid recovery of UPS operation in the event of a failure is catastrophic when it affects such critical services.

Productivity Loses:

Power outages are responsible for irrecoverable employee productivity loss and this is usually many times the direct salary cost. By reducing employee downtime, UPS maintenance and support plans contribute directly to the bottom line. Calculating the return on investment is a simple matter of offsetting the cost of reliable UPS delivery, against the cost of lost contribution hours and consequent effects prevented over a given period.

Lost Revenue:

Customers attitudes have changed - consumers and business now demand instant response, service and supply of product. Unfortunately, the fragility of  the UK power infrastructure does have a negative effect on a business’ ability to satisfy those demands, and today’s customer will simply look elsewhere if your business cannot show evidence of service reliability. So avoid giving your valuable client base any reason to procure from the opposition.

Brand Value:

Customers today have limited patience when faced with unavailability of a service before switching allegiance, and often this is a permanent switch. The impact of poor business service and continuity will impact both financially and through diminished Brand Value. Even small power outages can cause uncertainty in the market-place, let alone larger, more calamitous power disruptions

Unplanned Repair Expenses:

Additional to the business impact of an outage, the direct cost of an emergency repair of a UPS in the case of failure generally exceeds the cost of  the contract

The most common cause of UPS equipment malfunction is due to negligent battery maintenance. Don’t get caught out without power when you need it.

UPS Battery Replacement Options:

  • Ranges from 5ah to 200ah blocks
  • 6 volt and 12 volt options
  • Disposal services
  • Open and Cladded rack solutions
  • DC isolators and transition boxes
  • Battery monitoring
  • Battery management (Logging when existing  or new batteries were installed and advising replacement years and budget costs so the business can manage the capital expenditure)

The bottom line is that all UPS equipment will fail if not serviced properly. This makes the service contract more cost effective than the human and hardware resource costs of dealing with an outage. The value of a service contract is further magnified when you realise you run the risk of waiting as long as two weeks for a replacement device from a vendor (even if it is still under vendor warranty) or having to repair/replace the device if it is not.

Small Office, Home Office

Small & Medium Enterprises


Plug and Play UPS – 400VA TO 3000VA

1 PHASE 1-3kVA








Case Study


Plug and Play UPS – 120kVA 3 phase

1 PHASE 4-100kVA

3 PHASE 10-200kVA

1 / 3 / 3:1 PHASE 4-200kVA

Case Study


3:1 PHASE 4-100kVA

1 PHASE 5-10kVA

1 PHASE / 3 PHASE 10-120kVA

1 PHASE 6-10kVA

All of the previous models up to 3000kVA



3 PHASE 100kVA-400kVA


3 PHASE 200kVA-800kVA


3 PHASE 100-600kVA


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