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  • Generator Servicing

    Because of the durability of diesel engines, most maintenance is preventive in nature. Generator sets on continuous standby must be able to go from a cold start to being fully operational in a matter of seconds. This can impose a severe burden on engine parts. However, regular exercising keeps engine parts lubricated, prevents oxidation of electrical contacts, uses up fuel before it deteriorates, and, in general, helps provide reliable engine starting.


    Generally you should exercise the generator set at least once a month for a minimum of 30 minutes loaded to no less than one-third of the nameplate rating. Periods of no-load operation should be held to a minimum, because unburned fuel tends to accumulate in the exhaust system and washes lubrication from the bores increasing wear. If connecting to the normal load is not convenient for test purposes, the best engine performance and longevity will be obtained by connecting it to a load bank of at least one-third the nameplate rating.

  • Repairs

    Generator repairs can be carried out on site or at our dedicated workshop at Blackbrook Business Park, Hampshire. We source our spares from the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers including:


    Lister – Perkins – Cummins – Volvo – Ford – Iveco – Detroit – Dorman - John Deere – Puma – MTU – Mitsubishi - Deep Sea Electronics – Fozmula – SDMO - FG Wilson


    Our team of engineers can upgrade:

    • Control panels

    • Control equipment

    • Fuel storage tanks and pipe work to current OFTEC regulations

  • Preventive diesel engine maintenance

    • General inspection

    • Lubrication service

    • Cooling system service

    • Fuel system service

    • Servicing and testing starting batteries

    • Regular engine exercise

  • Fuel Services

    We are able to offer our customers:

    • Oil storage tank installations including all pipe work and ground works (OFTEC compliance)

    • Fuel transfer systems

    • Tank cleaning

    • Tank and line integrity testing

    • Fuel analysis and polishing

    • OFTEC surveys

    • Refuelling service/monitoring – from small quantities to bulk deliveries through our contracts with leading fuel supply companies

  • Generator Hire

    We have the facility to supply, offload & position the following:

    • Trailer mounted generators

    • Static generators

    • Secure generators

    • Bulk storage tanks

    • Cables

    • Electrical distribution

    • AMF panels

    • Low voltage transformers

    • Splitter boxes

    • Earth kits and more

    We also offer fuel management and a full installation service if required. Should the need arise for a temporary set to be supplied (e.g. in the case of an emergency), then we can supply the above within a matter of hours.

Generator Process


The 5 steps below show the main process for a typical generator project.

Electrical Installation








We offer the customer a full on site survey to determine the generator size, location, exhaust  and air inlet routes, fuel storage requirements/fuel piping routes and power distribution. On completion of consultation and final agreement of requirements a detailed quotation is prepared and passed to the client.


On delivery the generator equipment will be positioned by the installation team. They will install and connect fuel and exhaust pipe work, control panels and changeover panels. The equipment will then go through a series of checks and tests to ensure all work carried out meets the customers, manufacturers and any statutory requirements.


Once the generator is installed, and with functional checks completed, the team will load bank test the equipment to its full capability (manufacturer’s specifications). On completion of proving the unit, including witness testing of the system in standby operation (site load), a report will be handed over to the client along with equipment manuals, drawings and any other supporting documentation.

Load Banking:

Wet stacking is a condition where unburned fuel and carbon accumulate on post combustion internal engine parts (pistons, cylinders & exhaust valves) and the entire exhaust system including the turbocharger. It comes from running a diesel engine at only a small percentage of its rated capacity and not allowing it to completely burn-off all of the fuel. The incomplete combustion also adds an equal amount of carbon as well. It is visually detected by the appearance of black ooze around exhaust pipe connections and around the turbocharger. Also, continuous black exhaust from the stack when under a constant load is also an indication that all the fuel is not being fully burned and coking and wet stacking may be taking place.


The effects of wet stacking range from the build-up of carbon on your valves, valve guides and the turbo impeller causing hot spots or the burning and ultimate premature failure of these components, to unburned diesel fuel diluting the engine lubricating oil by washing down the cylinder walls and causing premature wearing and failure of rings or the engine bearings.

Preventative Maintenance:

We offer a range of customized Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs to our customers. Frequently, standby generator systems remain idle for long periods. Like any other equipment, generator systems should be periodically checked and undergo routine maintenance to ensure they are fully operational when required.


During the middle of a power outage is not the time to discover your generator system has problems. A tailored PM program to meet your needs will greatly reduce the chance of your system failing when it has to perform.

Project Management


Control and Automation

Source and Supply

Bulk Fuel Tanks

Fuel Pipeworks

The bottom line is that all UPS equipment will fail if not serviced properly. This makes the service contract more cost effective than the human and hardware resource costs of dealing with an outage. The value of a service contract is further magnified when you realise you run the risk of waiting as long as two weeks for a replacement device from a vendor (even if it is still under vendor warranty) or having to repair/replace the device if it is not.







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